At Pier View Academy we believe that every child should have an opportunity to experience success with their education no matter what their background or special needs… 


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Welcome to Pier View Academy

Pierview Academy was established 8 years ago to provide students with an opportunity to succeed academically and socially when other doorways to success have been closed. We recognise that our students need to reconnect with learning and we can provide all the support a student needs to do this.

We recognise that our learners may need additional support before they are ready to fully engage in the curriculum. Therefore, we typically follow a progressive step by step approach as summarised in the mnemonic; ARRRTT


  • Attendance: Focus on improving each learner’s attendance level to ensure they give themselves the basis to achieve.
  • Routine: Learning Support Assistants help learners to gain a routine that is adapted to pupils individual needs to ensure they feel comfortable in the educational environment.
  • Relationship: Learners are assisted in developing sound relationships with tutors and other service users.
  • Respect: Working with learners and families in a holistic manner to maximize their life-chances and educational potential.
  • Trust: When a pupil feels more secure and understood.
  • Teach: A formal, academic curriculum takes place.

The Communication Commitment

We recognise that communication drives learning and attainment, and strong language and communication skills are linked to better outcomes for the young people within our schools. Therefore, Pierview Academy is actively participating in the Communication Commitment.

Healthy Schools

Pierview Academy takes the Health and well being of all our pupils very seriously, therefore we increase awareness and knowledge of health and well being through PHSE and PSD lessons as well as working alongside the following organisations:


We are pleased to introduce our brand new regular newsletter.

Behaviour Reward System.

My name is Sofia Kafetzoglou and I am the new Behaviour Specialist at Pierview Academy. I am very excited for my new role and I am looking forward to co-operating with all of you in order to achieve the best possible outcomes for our learners’ behaviour. We are currently feeling that there are behaviour issues in our school that require our attention. Therefore we have decided to put a new reward system in place starting this week.Behaviour reward documentDownload

New Headteacher to join Pierview

Debbie Pardey will be taking on the role of Headteacher from the end of June. She has been through a rigorous recruitment process and the Senior Leadership Team are positive she has the skills, knowhow and experience to lead the school to further success.
Debbie said that, “After a teaching career in a wide variety of educational settings, I am keen to use my expertise of working with vulnerable young people, and those with special educational needs, to ensure the best possible outcomes for students at Pierview Academy. I will do this through effective leadership and working collaboratively with the learners, parents, staff, multi-agencies and the local community to deliver the best possible curriculum and programmes of support for each individual young person”.

Headteacher News

Our Headteacher, Paul Mersh has stepped down after 5 years in post and we would like to thank him for his hardwork and dedication to the school. He has taken on a part time post as our quality assurance officer and so you may still see him at school every now and then.

E-Safety Update

In line with our commitment to e-safety, anyone concerned with the recent outbreak of MOMO should read the attachment.


Pierview Student – Painting a Bright Future

Post 16 learner Shannon Wallis has recently been ‘White Washing’ the competitions associated to her Level 2 painting and decorating course.

This academic year Shannon has entered 3 competitions with resounding success.

The first took place in Gravesend at the college campus, and Shannon was delighted to be placed second. She has also successfully participated in the Johnson Competition in Folkestone and most recently she took her talents to Brighton where she was not placed but completed some exceptional work.

Staff at Pierview Academy are delighted with Shannon’s success and it is clear that she has an outstanding talent.

GDPR is Here

ALP Schools complies with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and our schools are committed to maintaining the highest standards when handling personal information. Pierkview Academy is required to have it’s own privacy notice and Privacy (Data Protection Policy) to ensure that all pupils, parents, staff and applicants are aware of how and when their data may be used by us and our data controllers.

Read ALP Schools Privacy Notice here

Read Pierview Academy’s Data Protection (Privacy) Policy

Get It Centre

Pierview Academy are now registered as a Get It Centre. This means we can offer free condoms and advice for our students.

Nurturing through Nature

Our latest project Nurturing through Nature is getting started and we would like to appeal for your help. Please read the attached letter from our Managing Director David Cowell. Thank you!