Head Teacher

Debbie Pardey

Many of you will know that I was the Headteacher at Pierview Academy from June
2019 to August 2022. But for those that don’t, the school went through
transformational change and during this time we were able to ‘secure important
improvements in the school’s work since the previous inspection’, to progress from
Requires Improvement to Good. Ofsted stated; “The school provides high-quality
education and care for its pupils, who thrive as a result.”
After a year away from the school, I am returning to pick up where I left off and
continue to lead the school to the next stage of its development.
As a school we will continue to prioritise reading, so that all our pupils can more
confidently access all areas of the curriculum and hopefully develop a love for
reading – Reading for Pleasure. We acknowledge that reading helps to build pupil
confidence and personal development, as well as contributing to their academic
For Science Week 2023, ALP Schools Kent collaborated to raise the profile of STEM
(Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) subjects and we had a very
successful event. As a school, we acknowledge the importance of encouraging a
natural curiosity for the world around us, critical thinking, problem solving and
intellect for everyday life and careers. We want our pupils to be part of a dynamic,
innovative economy.
Cultivating students’ ability to apply scientific, technological, engineering, and
mathematical literacy.
In addition to subject-specific learning, STEM aims to foster inquiring minds,
logical reasoning and collaboration skills.

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