‘Wrap-around’ support, information and guidance is important for our learners, particularly when they join the school. We recognise the need for this additional support for learners; we need to be able to ‘reach’ them before they are ready to engage in the curriculum through personalised teaching. ALP Schools follow a progressive step by step approach as summarised by the mnemonic ARRRTT (Attendance, Routine, Relationships, Respect, Trust, Teaching);

Focus on improving each learner’s attendance level to ensure they give themselves the basis to achieve.
Tutors help learners to gain a routine that is adapted to pupils individual needs to ensure they feel comfortable in the educational environment.
Learners are assisted in developing sound relationships with tutors and other service users.
Working with learners and families in a holistic manner to maximize their life-chances and educational potential.
When a pupil feels more secure and understood.
A formal, academic curriculum takes place.

Foundation Learning is predominantly for learners working at Entry Level and Level 1 with high level special educational needs. This type of learning provides greater opportunities for progression and personalised plans towards an intended ‘destination’ (see details about flags and way-points below).

Qualifications that support Foundation Learning offer greater flexibility and opportunities for our learners to accredit their learning in ‘bite-sized’ units. This helps to motivate our vulnerable learners through experiencing successes and is aimed at encouraging them to stay engaged with education to improve their well-being and economic outcomes. The school wants to play its part in reducing the number of young people not in education, employment or training (NEET).

Over time, we hope that many of our learners will be supported to progress on to Level 2 vocational qualifications, apprenticeships, iGCSEs, independent living or supported employment.

With the right level of support, flexible content and duration, all our learners will be given the opportunity to progress towards positive outcomes.